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Hey, guys hope all are doing great. In this article you will read about a TikTok and Instagram star who is also an fitness coach she popular for her muscular and perfect body. Because of her muscular body and short hairs there are some rumors about this star that she is transgender, we will also clear this doubt. So without wasting any time let’s start reading about her, we will try to provide you each and every true information about her.


Lean Beef Patty‘ this name looks very unique thats why many people ask aout Lean Beef Patty’s real name, not only on social media but in many of her interviews w=this question is asked to her several times, we aould like to tell you that her answer about her real name was ‘Patty’. To make her name unique on social media she chosed to convert ‘Patty’ to ‘Lean Beef Patty’. Lean Beef Patty is an social media influencer she is known on social media for sharing her daily lifestyle, workout routines and diet plans.

Lean Beef Patty has fitness background from her school days she used to play games in her school team. And she also used to do some home workouts during those days. Then to make her body more stronge and fit she chosed to join gym. There in the gym after doing workout for few months she saw some great changes in her body and she decided to take her fitness lifestyle on social from there on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Youtube she has gone famous.

As we told Lean Beef patty is known for her muscular body because she have attractive abs and biceps with good lloking tighs and lega. If we talk about Lean Beef’s nationality she was on 1st of January in 1997(from some online sources), in United States of America. She also said in some her Instagram and TikTok videos that she does not likes revealing her personal life status she only likes to motivate people with her workout and fitness lifestyle.
As we told you above that there are some rumors about Lean Beef Patty that she is an transgender but Patty is not trans, this is real truth


Lean Beef Patty is very famous on social media for uploading motivational and educational videos. But she does not reveals much about her personal life on social media. Patty have around 4.5 million followers on her Instagram account. There she uploads her workout videos, eating videos and posing pictures. Lean Beef patty’s TikTok account is more famous than her instagram account because she have around 7.2 million followers on TikTok, but the fact about Tiktok is that it is banned in few countries like India

One more famous platform which is Youtube, Patty have about 1.35 million subscribers. She motivates people with her workout and fitness videos on Youtube. All of Patty’s fame came from her hard-work, dedication towards fitness and consistency.


Lean Beef Patty looks pretty in all outfits. She have a good body structure, she uploads some posing pictures those pictures shows her posture. Patty have good muscular biceps and abs, for what she is famous on social media.
Height of Lean Beef Patty: 5 Feet 8 inches
Weight of Leen Beef Patty: Around 63kg (138.8 lbs)


Lean Beef Patty have many sources of earning money, she earns through modeling and most of her earning are coming through her social media accounts. For example, She earns from these three social media platforms Instagram (by sposoring), TikTok, Youtube (Adsense). Patty also sells some fitness training plans through her social media accounts and also through some websites. If we talk about the figure of her earning which is around 1 million US Dollars.


Lean Beef Patty eats all neat and clean food. She eats a lots of nuts and berries in her diet which is not only good for physical health but also good for mental health. She consumes balanced amount of nutrients in her diet. Patty eats both veg and non-veg diet. She follows her diet plan very strictly, she consumes protein, fat and carbs in balanced amount. Patty includes very less cheat meals in her diet that shows her dedication towards fitness.

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