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Hey guys, this article is going to tell you about a growing social media star who is also known as a fitness trainer and fitness model. She is a hard-working model who is inspiring this young generation with her workout videos and healthy lifestyle. So let’s start firstly talking about her biography

Biography of Shelby Robins

Shelby Robins is a professional fitness model and social media star known for providing workout plans and uploading content about fitness and health as well as modeling. 

Shelby Robins was born on 16 October 1998 in the United States. She has the nationality of America and she also travels about every part of this world. 

Shelby is passionate about health, nutrition and workouts from her teenage. She is passionate about helping people to reach their fitness goals. She has also graduate in nutrition and health, that’s why she is famous about her workout plans which she provides to her paid clients in the gym as well as on social media. 

Full Name Shelby Robins
Nick NameShelby 
Profession Fitness model, social media star
Birthdate 16 October 1998
Birthplace United States of America
Age 25
Nationality American

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Physical Measurements of Shelby Robins

Shelby Robins has curvy body structure and she works really hard to maintain her fitness. She is about 5 Feet 5 inches tall and her weight remains around 58kg. 

Height of Shelby Robins 5 Feet 5 inches 
Weight of Shelby Robins 58kg

Social Media of Shelby Robins

Shelby Robins has great popularity of social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. She regularly uploads content about her fitness journey and lifestyle. 

She uploads her picture in trending outfits and in sports wears, she also uploads some short videos of her workout and diet on her Instagram and TikTok. 

Shelby Robins has great number of followers on her social media accounts like she has 1.8 million followers on her TikTok account and 200k followers on her Instagram account. 

Instagram username “@shelbyrobinss
Instagram followers 200k 
TikTok followers 1.8 million

Net Worth of Shelby Robins 

Shelby Robins has many sources of earning money like she promotes more than 5 sports and fitness brands. She promotes these brands through her social media accounts by uploading content their products through her reels and posts. She has estimated net worth of around 2 million US Dollars. 

Boyfriend of Shelby Robins

Shelby Robins is really passionate about training people and training herself, and she is busy in building her career in fitness as well as on social media. She loves travelling in different parts of this world, but she has boyfriend right now or she is not dating any guy. But she will be ready to be in relationship with that guy who will be a fitness lover like her. 

Workout Plan of Shelby Robins

Shelby Robins Workouts for about 6 days in a week, she loves training her whole body with heavy weights. But she loves training her legs and glutes the most. She trains her glutes and legs more than other body parts. 

Shelby starts her workout with some stretching and then with some light weight with machines and after that she starts her heavy weight lifting. She also provides special workout plans to her paid clients. 

Diet Plan of Shelby Robins

Shelby Robins follows diet plan like a professional fitness model with great balanced amount of protein, fats and carbs in it. She follows it with great passion like prepares most of her meals by herself.  She teach her fans about workout and diet on white board with marker by uploading reels or shorts. And while travelling outside she always eat neat and clean food


Who is Shelby Robins?

Shelby Robins is a professional fitness and fashion model as well as social media star. 

What is the height and weight of Shelby Robins?

Shelby Robins has height of 5 Feet 5 inches and her weight is around 58kg. 

How much is the net worth of Shelby Robins?

Shelby Robins has net worth of around 2 million US Dollars. 

What is the age and date of birth of Shelby Robins?

Shelby Robins is 25 years old and was born on 16 October 1998. 

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