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Hi, In this article you will read about an Brazilian fitness model, professional fitness trainer. She is growing very fastly on social media platforms. She inspires people with her motivational pictures and videos. Hope you will enjoy reading about her life and fitness journey. Reading articles is an good habit and reading about fitness models like we will discuss further increases your knowledge about life hacks, like fitness can not only make you fit and healthy that can also make you wealthy.


Yanne is an famous fitness model, she is known all over the world for her huge fan following on Youtube and on other social media platforms like Instagram and Tik-tok. Yanne was born on 27th of April in 1996. She was born in Brazil. Yanne is passionate about being fit and healthy from her teen-age. She worked really hard with her fitness journey because it was not that much easy to do workouts in gym as being a female from Brazil, people was not that much supportive. But ignoring all these people Yanne worked hard and there doing workouts in gym she got a good body shape. There after all these things she started her youtube channel in 2016 named as ‘HDFIT’ and she started uploading motivational workout videos, her videos inspired a lots of people they also started following her on other social media platforms.


Yanne Fitness is growing very fast on social media because of her work. She have around 991k subscriber on her Youtube channel ‘HDFIT’. If we tell about her Instagram fan following which is about 499k, which is continuously growing. She also have a huge fan following on her Tik-tok account. Yanne continuously uploads her workout videos and pictures on these social media platforms. She also helps her fans to achieve their fitness goals by providing them workout and diet plans. Yanne also uploads workout videos with her gym partners and her friends.


Yanne is continuously growing in this fitness industry, she comes in top stars of youtube. So she is also earning money through her Youtube monetization. She also earns by sponsoring some brands. As Yanne is an professional fitness coach so she also earns money by providing training plans to her clients. She have around estimated amount of 2 million US Dollars through these sources. She also owns a luxury house and some luxury cars.


Yanne have an attractive body shape she have good muscular body. She keeps on changing her hair styles, but mostly she loves having short hair-styles. She always attracts people by uploading her bikini pictures. You can watch her pictures and videos on her social media she seems attractive in about all of her outfits.
Height of Yanne :- 5feet 10inches
Weight of Yanne :- around 68kg


Yanne follows her workout plan with discipline. She loves working on her back, legs, biceps and shoulders the most. She trains for about 2 hours in a day and 6 days in a week. She lifts most of heavy weights on her legs and back. Before starting her workout Yanne always focuses on her cardio section, cardio increases her endurance. If you wants to know more about Yanne’s Workout plan then please comment us we will update that or will provide you her workout plan.


Yanne loves eating part in her training routine she cooks most of her meals by her own. She loves eating egg omelet, meat, protein shakes and pancakes. She includes few supplements like Whey protein, Bcaa and multivitamins in her diet plan to increase her performance and power to workout with all of her potential. She also shares her cooking vlogs and eating videos on her social media accounts.


As Yanne is an sensation in fitness industry she is also asked mostly times about her relationship status which is not clearly available on internet. But information about Yanne’s relationship status we got from our sources is that she is single at this moment. Her all focus is on her training routine and she spends her lots of time on social media for her fans to inspire them to be fit and live a healthy life.

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