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Hey, welcome! Hope all are doing well. Your presence on this page might show that you are quite interested in female bodybuilding or modelling. Today in this article you will read about a fitness model who is known for her beauty and fitness or we can call her Tik-Tok star. So let’s start firstly reading about her biography.


Analis Cruz was born in the United States of America on the 19th of March in 1999. Analis Cruz is a fitness model who is known for sharing her knowledge about fitness on social media platforms like Instagram, Tik-Tok and Youtube. Analis shares all her diet plans and exercise routines on social media, that’s why she has a huge fan following.

If talk about Analis’s fitness journey she started her fitness journey in her teenage She was thinking of doing gym workouts when she was young, then she joined the gym one day and started working on her body and she found her body started looking more attractive. Analis Cruz became a gym shark after working out in the gym for a few months.
Then after all these Analis started sharing her routine on social media from there she got famous and became a fitness sensation on social media.


Analis Cruz is active on various social platforms like Instagram, Youtube and Tik-Tok. Analis Cruz has a huge fan following of about 1.2 million on her Instagram account. Analis regularly uploads her workout and lifestyle videos on her Instagram. Not only on Instagram Analis Cruz’s Facebook account is also active. You will be surprised after reading about Analis Tik-Tok account fan following which is about 3.2 million including 75 million total likes. Analis Cruz’s Youtube channel is also active she shares all her information about workouts and diet on youtube, there she has about 178k subscribers.

All these things show that Analis Cruz is very famous on social media, not only for sharing information but also for her attractive body looks. You can also watch Analis Cruz’s before and after pictures on her Social media accounts, how much she changed after doing hard work in the gym and with diet plans.


As you can read in the above paragraph that Analis Cruz is very famous on social media not only for sharing her pieces of information but also because of her looks. Analis looks beautiful in all of her outfits. Here we will tell you about Analis Cruz’s height and Analis’s weight.
Analis Cruz’s Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Analis Cruz’s weight: Around 56kg


Analis Cruz has many sources of earning money as she earns through providing coaching fitness, modelling and also through social media. She also sponsors a few fitness brands. All these sources make her earn around 1.5 million US Dollars.


This topic sometimes looks very exciting because people always feel very excited about knowing the relationship status of those people who is famous or who they are being followed by them. So, here in the case of Analis Cruz’s Boyfriend or her relationship status, she is currently single as known through our resources.


Analis Cruz loves doing daily workouts with consistency and discipline. Analis workouts around 6 days a week. She lifts heavy weights and also focuses on doing body-weight workouts. Analis said in a few of her interviews that she was inspired for doing workouts and getting fit and healthier after watching fitness influencers, female bodybuilders and female fitness models on social media. She is going to the gym since her teenage.
It took around 2 years of effort for Analis Cruz to become a fitness influencer and successful in the fitness industry. Analis also said that she only focused on gaining knowledge and experience so that she can do her best in this industry, this is all experience that she is sharing with her fans openly on her social media.


Analis Cruz enjoys eating clean and healthy food as a fitness model because she has to inspire people with her dedication and love towards fitness. She includes a balanced amount of protein, carbs and fat in her diet. Analis eats chicken, steak, fish, oats and nuts etc several times. She also includes cheat meals in her diet.
At the end, we would like to tell you that you should also learn from Analis Cruz’s fitness journey because you can read that once there was a time that she was being inspired by other fitness models and bodybuilders now she is inspiring other people with her hard work and dedication.

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