Zuzka Light Age Biography (zuzkalight)

Fitness plays a vital role in our daily life. The more we focus on our body, the we make it healthy. Fitness models, bodybuilders, and athletes work too hard to build their bodies. These people build their physique and help people to grow. This article helps you to know more about fitness and motivates you.

Biography – Zuzka Light

Zuzka Light is a popular fitness diva who hails from the Czech Republic. She was born on 29 April 1982. As of now, She is currently 42 years old. By profession, Zuzka is a Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder, and Fitness Model. To grab more information about her, Keep scrolling through the article till the end.

NameZuzka Light
Instagram Namezuzkalight
Age as of 202442
Height Weight –Height 5.5 Weight 67kg
NationalityUnited States
Date Of Birth29 April 1982
ProfessionFitness & Athlete & Instagram Model

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Zuzka Light Education And Family

Zuzka was interested in physical activities since her childhood. However, Her mom wasn’t happy to see her too much interested in physical activities due to a rare kidney disease Zuzka had. Zuzka used to go secretly to Gymnastics class after school. When she got a prize in a gymnastics competition, She was too happy and showed her winning trophy. On this, Zuzka’s mother got angry that she refused to let her continue gymnastics. So instead of gymnastics, She enjoyed swimming and bike riding to continue. While living in the Czech Republic, She got aerobics, Spinning, and Korean martial art.

Later on, She married Musado Zuzka and moved to Canada. She started an online fitness blog as she was dived into fitness for a long time. At that moment she used to workouts at home. Her husband supported her, but, also forced her to look more sexual oriented so that she can get more attention from viewers. However, Zuzka is not interested to help people in this way to achieve their fitness goals. As a result, There were many conflicts she had with his husband and ended up having a divorce.

A new start in a new country wasn’t easy for her, but she never gave up. She applied to many companies to get a job and visa for working in the country. Hard work paid her well and she got a job full time and respected life.

Zuzkas Net Worth

While working in this industry for more than 7 years, She has achieved many things as well as fame on social media. Not only this, Many companies and brands collaborated with Zuzka. She has uploaded various fitness programs and helped people to achieve their fitness goals. However, She hasn’t shared any information about her net worth yet. According to sources, Her estimated net worth is around $130k USD.

Light’s Social Popularity

Zuzka is quite popular on social media thanks to her beautiful physique. Her amazing physique is appreciated by many people worldwide. In the same spot, She has worked and collaborated with different brands. As of now, She has more than 751k followers on Instagram and 891k subscribers on Youtube.

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