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Biography – Marcelle Cypriano

Marcelle Cypriano is a popular Brazilian fitness Bodybuilder who has amazing physique. She was born on 1981 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. As of now she is 41 years old. By Profession, Architect, Ballet Dancer, Fitness Model, Wellness Bodybuilding Athlete. To know more about her lifestyle and journey, Keep scrolling.

NameMarcelle Cypriano
Instagram Namemarcelle_cypriano
Age as of 202443
Height Weight –Height 5.6 Weight 65kg
Date Of Birth1981
ProfessionFitness Model & Athlete Female Bodybuilder

Marcelle Cypriano Education And Family

Marcelle belongs to a Brazilian family and completed her studies in Brazil. She is a married woman and her husband name is Roberto Bosso. At the age of 43 in 2024, Marcelle has participated in her first competition. She has participated in numerous competitions and had faced a lot of difficulties to achieve the success in fitness industry. When she was 18 years old, She joined gym to maintain her physique. As she was a ballet dancer, She had a flexible body as sculpt with lean physquie. After practicing a couple of years, she started competing. She has participated in different competitions. List is given below

  • In 2014, Rookies Bodybuilding championship 3rd position
  • 2014, Bodybuilding Championship, 3rd position
  • Again in 2014, Brazilian Championship, 13th position
  • In 2015, Copa Paulista Championship, 2nd position
  • 2019 NPC Worldwide Amateur Olympia Brazil 3rd position
  • 2019 NPC Worldwide Amateur Olympia Brazil Fitness Wellness 5th Position

Marcelle Cypriano Training And Diet

In order to maintain her physique, Marcelle focuses on building her body in gym 6 days weekly. She workouts on treadmill to cut extra fats. She weekly do two workout sessions. When it comes to diet, She focuses on clean and healthy diet. Her diet includes Lean proteins, Carbs and green vegetables. In Supplements, She intakes BCAA, Glutamine, Multivitamins and Whey Protiens etc. Her diet routine looks like:

Meal 1 – Egg whites with avocados
Meal 2 – Sweet potato with Grilled Chicken
Meal 3 – Sweet potato, broccoli and Lean red meat
Meal 4 – Avocado with cream, lemon, cinnamon
Meal 5 – Sweet potato with Grilled Chicken
Meal 6 – Fish/Egg whites with broccoli and tomato
Marcelle Cypriano Social Popularity
When Marcelle Cypriano started her fitness journey, She wasn’t aware about the fact she will get huge popularity in this industry. Marcelle’s training Coach name is @treinadorantonioluiz. She has more than 49k followers on Facebook and 823k followers on Instagram.

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