Lara Rose Birch Age Height Weight Biography (laararosebackup)

Hey guys, today we are going to talk about a video content creator, she is very famous on various social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and OnlyFans. She is entertaining lakhs of people with her content on social media.

We are talking about Lara Rose Birch, she is famous for showing up her fit and attractive body structure and creating funny content on Instagram and TikTok. She also creates some ad*** content on OnlyFans. Yes, you heard it right Lara Rose Birch OnlyFans’s account is very famous because of her fitness model looks and attractive content on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. In the further lines we will about her lifestyle and other information related to Lara Rose Birch. So let’s start firstly with biography of Lara Rose Birch.

Biography of Lara Rose Birch

Lara Rose Birch is an Australian model who is famous on social media for creating content and personal blogs. Lara Rose Birch was born on 11 March in 1997. Her birthplace is Australia. Lara Rose Birch is also known as a fitness model, people search Lara Rose as a fitness model, but in spite of being a model she is famous for content creation on social media platforms, but primarily she is also searched a lot on OnlyFans. You can find paid 18+ content about Lara Rose Birch on OnlyFans

Sometimes Lara Rose Birch also remains in gossips because of her OnlyFans leaks. She has lots of naughty content not only on OnlyFans but also on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

Lara Rose Birch
Lara Rose Birch
NameLara Rose Birch  
ProfessionOnlyFans model and social media content creator  
Date of Birth11 March 1997  
Age as of 202427
Height WeightHeight 5.4 Weight 65kg
Lara Rose Birch

Social Media of Lara Rose Birch

Lara Rose Birch is about to reach 1 million followers on her Instagram account, there she creates regular content with a person whom she calls her step-brother and sometimes calls him her cousin. Both creates funny content on her Instagram account, but these posts are not for less than eighteen years old. If talking about her TikTok, there she is about to reach 8.5k followers which is less than her Instagram followers that’s why she creates less content on TikTok. There on TikTok too she uploads funny and spicy content for her followers.

And Lara Rose Birch is about to reach 9k followers on her Twitter account there you can find her personal videos links including her OnlyFans leaks and other 18+ content

Followers on Instagram laararosebackup 933k  
Followers on TikTok8.3k  
Followers on Twitter9k  
Subscribers on YouTube1.5k (Lara rose)  

Boyfriend of Lara Rose Birch

Lara Rose Birch is a good looking, beautiful and attractive star who is growing very fast on social media. But if we talk about her relationship news, she is very private about that, but you can find lots of reels and other OnlyFans content she is creating with her cousin, but still it is not clear that he is her real cousin.

Net-worth of Lara Rose Birch

Lara Rose Birch is fast growing star on social media platforms primarily on Instagram and OnlyFans. Lara Rose Birch’s primary source of income is her ad*** content creation on OnlyFans and sponsors on Instagram. She also sells her personal paid videos to her followers and she loves creating content for the love of her fans. Estimated net worth of Lara Rose Birch is about 500k US Dollars.


About Lara Rose Birch Fitness Model?

Lara Rose Birch is not a professional fitness model but she looks like a professional fitness mode, she is a professional content creator on social media.

Lara Rose Birch’s Nationality?

Lara Rose Birch is from Australia which is her birthplace too.

Boyfriend And Relationship Status Of Lara Rose Birch?

Lara Rose Birch has not revealed her boyfriend’s name on social media due to her and her boyfriend’s privacy.

Net-Worth And Source Of Income Of Lara Rose Birch?

The primary source of earning money for Lara Rose Birch is creating content on OnlyFans and Instagram sponsoring. And the estimated amount of her net worth is about 500k US Dollars.

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