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Hey, welcome to this page. As you are here that shows you are quite interested in fitness. There are many fitness influencers and fitness freaks motivating people day by day here today in this article we are going tell you about one of these fitness influencers and social media sensations.


Savannah Prez is one of the fastest-growing fitness models on social media, she is known for her attractive body and beautiful looks. She was born on the 16th of May, 1996 in Brussels, Belgium. She is very hardworking and very passionate about her fitness journey as she started hitting the gym at the age of just seventeen.

During those days she was pursuing her school studies. She is still very young and growing very fast in the fitness industry as well as on social media platforms. Savannah was passionate about being fit and healthy from her school days because she used to play a few sports games in her school as she used to basketball and football. She also used to do some martial arts activities during her school days. All these activities encouraged her to come in the fitness industry. Savannah participated in her first competition at a very young age she was just 19 years old.


Savannah Prez is a fitness influencer who provides guidance about health and nutrition. She is also a famous celebrity on social platforms like Instagram, tik-tok and youtube. When Savannah was in her school days she tried to maintain her body stronger and fit for sports.

Then when she was at her 17th of age she joined a gym to improve her fitness, in the gym after doing workouts for a few months she saw changes in her physique and she took the decision to make fitness her full-time career. She started following fitness models on social media and she tried to follow their lifestyle. At that time when she joined the gym for the first time she used to do workouts 2 to 3 times a week but improvement in her body motivated her she used to do more cardio at that time but after that, she chose to train her body in the guidance of a coach to start her professional journey.


Savannah is already gaining fame on social media, she has around 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account, there on her Instagram she continuously uploads her workout videos, Diet plans and lifestyle. She also helps people on social media about fitness and nutrition, she helps them to achieve their fitness goals. You can also search for her motivational videos on youtube, where you can see her energetic workout videos. She started gaining fame when she thought of inspiring people with her workout videos.


Savannah looks very pretty and attractive in every outfit, she has a proper appearance of a fitness model and a professional bikini model. She seems very attractive in her Instagram posts. Below we are providing you with information about her height and weight:-
Height:- 5 Feet 2 inches
Weight:- around 65kg


When Savannah started her fitness journey she used to do workouts only 2 to 3 times a week. But after doing workouts for some time she realised changes in her body and she decided to focus on workouts full time. She loves doing more cardio, to maintain her body structure as a professional model she does heavy workouts around 5 times a week and on rest days she focuses on doing cardio. Sevannah Prez’s workout is followed by many of her fans because her body structure is maintained because of her workout routine and people try to follow her workout routine to get fit and achieve their fitness goals.


Sevannah Prez’s diet plan is not much complex anybody can follow that workout routine she mostly tries to eat clean food as she do more cardio. She eats pancakes and whey proteins as her breakfast meal. She also eats meat, fish, chicken and steak in her diet. She includes some supplements in her diet to increase her performance as a professional like she takes whey protein, BCAA, creatine, fat burner and some multivitamins in her diet.


Sevannh’s relationship status is also one of the most asked questions on social media but she has not shared any personal information yet. But as much as we know about Sevannah’s boyfriend that she is not dating anyone.


Sevannah Prez is famous on social media and she also looks beautiful that why she is sponsored by many beauty and fitness brands. She is earning lots of money from these sources and she is also earning from her modelling career. Savannah Prez’s net worth is about 6 million US Dollars, she is still gaining fame and gaining increase her income.

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