Sophie Van Oostenbrugge Age Biography(gainsbybrains)

Hello everyone, in this article we are going to tell you about a female fitness model who is famous on social media for providing health and fitness training in gyms or homes too. We will provide you with detailed content about her in the upcoming lines of this article, firstly start reading about her biography.

Sophie van Oostenbrugge (@gainsbybrains) • Instagram photos and videos

Biography of Sophie Van Oostenbrugge

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge is a professional fitness trainer and influencer with millions of followers on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Sophie Van Oostenbrugge was born on 9 February 1994. She was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Early life of Sophie Van Oostenbrugge was also fit like these days, she used to do workouts at home and sometimes used to play games in her school and college days. Sophie Van Oostenbrugge followed a good diet plan to stay fit and active.

Full NameSophie Van Oostenbrugge  
Nick NameSophie GainsbyBrains  
ProfessionFitness mode, Fitness trainer  
Born on9 February 1994  
BirthplaceAmsterdam, Netherlands  

Social Media of Sophie Van Oostenbrugge

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge uploads regular content about fitness and workouts. She has also launched an application “Gainsbybrains” which is a fitness app, in this app you will get 14 days of free trial. Sophie Van Oostenbrugge has 2.3 million followers on her Instagram. On her YouTube channel, she has around 1.14 million subscribers.

The reason behind Sophie Van Oostenbrugge’s uploading regular content on her social media accounts is that she wants to motivate her fans to stay fit and healthy. Currently, in one of her Instagram posts, she has provided information about her magazine about Women’s fitness.

Instagram Usernamegainsbybrains”  
Instagram Followers2.3 million  
YouTube Subscribers1.14 million  

Physical Measurements of Sophie Van Oostenbrugge

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge is a beautiful and good-looking trainer and fitness model. She has an attractive figure with ripped muscles which is created by her own hard work. Sophie Van Oostenbrugge’s height is 5 Feet 3 inches and her weight is around 60+ kg.

Height of Sophie gainsbybrains5 Feet 3 inches  
Weight of Sophie gainsbybrains60+kg  

Net Worth of Sophie Van Oostenbrugge

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge has a fitness application, and magazine and provides fitness training for both the gym and home. These are the primary sources of earnings for Sophie Van Oostenbrugge. The estimated amount of Sophie Van Oostenbrugge’s net worth is around 500k US Dollars.

Workout Plan of Sophie Van Oostenbrugge

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge does 6 days of workouts including home workouts and gym workouts in it. She always figures out her progress reports of workouts using her own application gainsbybrains. She works out to get a ripped and muscular body. Sophie Van Oostenbrugge loves doing cardio, stretching and body-weight workouts before starting her gym pieces of training.

Diet Plan of Sophie Van Oostenbrugge

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge loves planning her own meals by herself and cooking them by herself in her own kitchen. She eats neat and clean food for good health and fitness. She likes eating avocado, apple, donuts, dry-fruits and other fresh fruits. For protein requirements, she eats eggs, chicken and whey protein. In spite of these food items she also consumes some fitness supplements like creatine, BCAA, whey protein and multivitamins.


Who is Sophie Van Oostenbrugge or Sophie Gainsbybrains?

Sophie Gainsbybrains is the nickname of Sophie Van Oostenbrugge, she is a professional fitness trainer and model.

What is the date of birth of Sophie Van Oostenbrugge?

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge was born on 9 March 1994.

What is the nationality of Sophie Van Oostenbrugge?

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge is a Dutch fitness model.

How much is the net worth of Sophie Gainsbybrains?

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge’s estimated net worth is 500k US Dollars.

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