Linn Jacobsson age Biography

Hello everyone, this article is going to tell you about a female fitness model who is famous for uploading family fitness content on her social media accounts. She is from Sweden, so let’s start first with her biography.

Biography of Linn Jacobsson

Linn Jacobsson is a professional fitness model and fitness coach known for uploading fitness and health content for both married and unmarried women. Linn Jacobsson was born on 8 October 1989 in Sweden. As Linn Jacobsson’s date of birth shows that she is 34 years old but still who doesn’t know her can tell that she is 34 years old because she looks very young, and we would like to tell you that she is married and has 2 twin girls.

The fitness journey of Linn Jacobsson started when she was in her school, she was passionate about fitness and used to play outdoor games. When she joined college to pursue her bachelor’s degree she started hitting the gym. Now Linn Jacobsson is working out hard in the gym to maintain her fitness and health after being a mother of twin girls.

Full NameLinn Jacobsson  
ProfessionFitness model, coach  
Birthdate8 October 1989  

Physical Measurements of Linn Jacobsson

The height of Linn Jacobsson is 5 Feet 4 inches and weighs around 58kg. All measurements of Linn Jacobsson’s body suit her body structure and make her look more attractive and beautiful. She is a mother of twin girls but she has maintained her fitness and health with her hard work and passion for fitness.

Height of Linn Jacobsson5 Feet 4 inches  
Weight of Linn Jacobsson58kg  

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Social Media Activities of Linn Jacobsson

Linn Jacobsson is regularly active social media platforms like on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. She has a big fan following of about 535k on her Instagram account and 170.1k on her TikTok account. She uploads workout and health content on these social media accounts. You can also find some of her workout videos on various famous YouTube channels of fitness.

Instagram Username@linnjacobsson
Instagram followers535k  
TikTok Username@linnjacobssn  
TikTok followers170.1k  

Relationships of Linn Jacobsson

Linn Jacobsson has twin babies who were born on 11 May 2023, she mentioned her twin babies in one of her Instagram posts. However, she has not disclosed any social media account of the name of her husband on her social media account.

Net Worth of Linn Jacobsson

Linn Jacobsson is earning money from many sources like from Instagram and promoting popular brands on social media. She also provides training plans about how to stay fit and healthy. The estimated amount of Linn Jacobsson’s net worth is 1 million US Dollars.

Net worth1 million  

Workout and Diet Plan of Linn Jacobsson

Linn Jacobsson works out for 5-6 days per week, she loves doing mobility workouts and strengthening exercises. When Linn got to know that she was pregnant she never quit her workout during the few months of her pregnancy Linn used to do some light workouts to maintain her health and fitness. If we talk about the diet plan of Linn Jacobsson, she prepares her meals by herself. Even when she was pregnant, she used to cook her favourite meals by herself. Linn is fully down to earth even after being a famous fitness model in the world of fitness.


Who is Linn Jacobsson?

Linn Jacobsson is a professional fitness model and coach.

How much is the height and weight of Linn Jacobsson?

Linn Jacobsson’s height is 5 Feet 4 inches and weighs around 58kg.

How much is the net worth of Linn Jacobsson?

The estimated net worth of Linn Jacobsson is 1 million US Dollars.

What is nationality of Linn Jacobsson?

Linn Jacobsson has Sweden nationality.

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