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Hey, guys welcome to blog post. Today in this page you are going to read about a fitness sensation. She is all over famous on social media and in fitness industry for her good-looking and attractive body. She has a sports family background that shows she has also been inspired by her family for sports and fitness. So let’s start reading about her from the next paragraph and hope you will enjoy reading about this beautiful fitness model.


Qimmah Russo is known on all over social media for her curvy body shape. She is also brand ambassadors of many health and beauty products. Qimmah Russo was born on 16th of December in 1993 in the New York City of the United States of America.

Qimmah have a sports background from her childhood like she used to plays sports games from her school days, and she also plays outdoor games with her family because her father was a baseball player, mom was a hockey player and also her brother is a football player, and she is also very passionate about playing games from her childhood. Not only she used to play sports, she was a good basketball player in her teenage.

She played basketball until she completed her graduation, after her graduation she joined gym for improvement in her body there in gym after some time she started enjoying lifting weights. After training her body for few months, she saw some changes in her body.

Then she started following a professional training routine for her fitness. She got an amazing look with her professional training, then she decided to become a professional fitness model. She became a sensation on social media and fitness industry for good-looking physique. She gained a huge fame on her Instagram.


Qimmah Russo have a huge fan following of about 2.7 million on her Instagram account in March 2023. She recently started her you-tube channel on her name, so she has fewer numbers of subscriber on her you-tube channel. But you can find her workout videos and motivational videos on other you-tube channels.

She also shoots her workout videos with some other fitness freaks. Qimmah also help people by providing them workout plans to reach their fitness goals. Because of her great fame on social media, she is also sponsored by some fitness brands. Qimmah is one of those personalities on Instagram who is known for her hot looks, she frequently uploads her picture on her Instagram account. She looks hot and attractive in every outfit. Qimmah Russo also likes watching movies and listing music in her free time.


QImmah Russo follows her all workout routines with great discipline, and she follows enjoying diet plans to remain fit and healthy. Like she is also a fitness instructor that why to become an inspiration to other people, she works hard with her workout and diet plans. She mostly follows strength workout routines, and lifts heavy weight.

She also likes having a muscular abdoman and muscular legs. Sometimes she likes doing mix body workouts. Qimmah occasionally likes to switching to new workouts in her routine, so that she can grow some new muscles in her body parts. The most loving part of her workout routines is her cardio. She loves using her cardio machines the most and also running on tracks. She also used to do some calisthenic in her gym.

The big muscle groups of her body like back and glutes she likes training them the most. She workouts about 6 times a week and 2 hours daily. If we talk about her diet plan, she always eats neat and clean food to maintain her fitness. She mostly eats vegetarian food, but she also eats non-veg. She always likes to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and eggs.


Qimmah Have a well shape of her body she has tonned muscles in her all body parts, her glutes and abs are also a great source of attraction for young generation.

She always uploads her beautiful and sexy pictures on her Instagram.

  • Qimmah Russo’s Height:- About 5 feet 5 inches.
  • Weight:- Her weight remains between 50 kg to 55 kg.

Qimmah Russo As An Inspiration For Young Generation

Like Qimmah have a sports background because of her family, but she really has an inspiring story of gaining fame on social media and in the fitness industry. She is a well-educated fitness model like she has a bachelors degree in sociology and kinology. She is helping people by providing them some training routines. We should also take some inspiration with her fitness journey, how being passionate about sports and fitness can make us long live and healthy.

Sponsored By Fitness Brands

Qimmah Russo is CEO OF @Workoutsbyqimmah her social-media account. Her huge fan following made other brands to sponsor her, she’s also earning money through these brands.

She uploads self-care videos and different outfit videos on her social media. Qimmah is earning money through sponsorship, social media and fitness training. She has a net-worth of about 3 million Dollars.  

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