Hey, guys welcome! here. On every page of this website you can read about many female fitness models and female fitness freaks. Also on this page you will read about an female fintness model who is known for her flexible and muscular body on all over social media and fitness industry. Today in this blog you will read about Gracyanne Barbosa, she is an professional fitness model.

Gracyanne Barbosa Biography

Gracyanne Barbosa was born on 20th of september in 1983 in Brazil. Inspite of being an fitness model Gracyanne is also an actress and carnival dancer. She have an interest in fitness from her childhood, Gracyanne used to participate in gymnastics in her school days.

She also had some skills in other sports also. She used to dance during her teen age. Because of having interest in gymnasts and dancing she developed an athletic physique. She used to do some workout at home during her teen-age. Gracyanne have an athletic look from her childhood because of her passion about being fit and healthy.

Diet Plan of Gracyanne Barbosa

Gracyanne Barbosa always eats clean and healthy meal so that she can achieve her fitness goals at next level. She always eats an high protein diet with balanced amount of carbs and fats in her siet. She includes seeds, nuts, eggs, sweet potatoes and chicken the most in her diet. She also involves a few supplements in her diet to improve her performance and physique.

She takes BCAA, whey protein and some multivitamins in her diet. Sometime she also eats some cheat meals occasionally. But she eats very less cheat meal because she always loves eating clean and healthy foods and that keeps her body energetic and strong. She is very strict about her diet plan.

Gracyanne Barbosa’s Physical Appearance

Gracyanne have an muscular and curvy body structure. She have an unique physical appearance, because of her good looking physique Gracyanne is an fitness sensation on social media.

  • Height of Gracyanne Barbosa :- 5 feet 9 inches ( 1745 cm)
  • Weight of Gracyanne Barbosa:- Her weight remains between 61kg to 66kg.
  • Waist of Gracyanne is about 27 inches and she is known all over social media because of her muscular glutes and hips, her hips are about 40 inches.

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