Kristi Krime Age Biography

Kristi Krime, this is the model today we are going to talk about she is famous for her professional modelling on social media accounts. We will discuss many information about this model. Let’s start firstly with her biography.

Biography of Kristi Krime

Kristi Krime is a professional model and social media influencer known for creating content about fashion modelling on Instagram and TikTok. Kristi Krime was born in 25 February 2004 in Russia, that means she is too young, but she has gained lot of fame with her hard work about her passion. 

Kristi Krime is creating content about fashion and modelling from very young age of about 15. She was also supported by her family for building her career in modelling. Now she is working continuously hard for her fans to create content for them and to influence them. 

Kristi Krime
Full Name Kristi Krime
Nick name Kristi
ProfessionModelling, social media influencer
Birthday24 February 2004
Age 19
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Kristi Krime

Height and Weight of Kristi Krime

Kristi Krime is Russian in nationality Russian females are very famous for their beauty all over world. But Kristi Krime has chose to build her career in fashion with her natural beauty. 

Kristi’s height is 5 Feet 7 Inches and weighs around 48kg. Kristi’s other body measurements are 36-26-36 in inches. 

Social Media Accounts of Kristi Krime

Kristi Krime is a famous celebrity among fashion models, she is like a star on social media. She creates reels and posts for her fans on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. She started uploading content about modelling from very young age and she gained got of fame due to her content on social media.

Kristi Krime has 2 million followers on Instagram and 4.8 million followers on TikTok account. She has good amount of vies and likes on all these accounts. If we talk about her YouTube channel she has around 1.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channels “KRISTI KRIME”.

Instagram username@kristi.krime
Instagram followers2 million
TikTok Username@kristikrime
TikTok followers4.8 million
YouTube channelKRISTI KRIME
Subscribers1.2 million

Net Worth of Kristi Krime

Kristi Krime is a famous star on social media known for fashion modelling. She earns lots of money by promoting fashion and beauty brands on her social media accounts. Another source of earning is AdSense. The estimated net worth of Kristi Kime is around 2 million US Dollars. 

Kristi Krime’s Boyfriend

Kristi Krime is clear about her relationship-status, she is dating a guy who is also a fashion model. His name is Vitaliy Andreev. He also has 1.5 million followers on his Instagram account. 

Trainings And Diet of Kristi Krime

Kristi Krime trains for 6 days in a week to get her body always in good shape. She workouts daily in gym with some light weights and sometimes with heavy weights. But she never uploads any pictures or videos about her workouts. She also does some stretching and cardio at home and outside so that she can increase her mobility and endurance. 

Kristi Krime eats her diet or meals prepared by herself or sometimes buy them from outside. She eats only neat and clean food items so that her skin and body remain glowing. She also use some supplements and beauty products to fulfill her skin and body requirements. 


Who is Kristi Krime?

Kristi Krime is a professional model and social media influencer. 

What is the height and weight of Kristi Krime?

Kristi’s height is 5 Feet 7 inches and weighs around 48kg. 

What is the age of Kristi Krime?

Kristi Krime’s age is 19 years. 

What is the net worth of Kristi Krime?

Kristi Krime’s net worth is around 2 million US Dollars. 

Who is boyfriend of Kristi Krime?

Vitaliy Andreev is the boyfriend of Kristi Krime, who is also a fashion model. 

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