Anikeeva Aliya Age Biography (enikeeva_aliya)

Hello everyone, we are going to tell you about a Russian female fitness model who is famous for creating content on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Let’s start firstly with her biography and we will discuss more about her height, weight, net-worth, boyfriend, workout and diet plan. 

Biography of Anikeeva Aliya

Anikeeva Aliya is a professional fashion model and social media influencer, she creates content about modelling and travelling on TikTok and Instagram. 

Anikeeva Aliya was born in 18 January 2003 in Russia. She is very young according to her achievements on social media. She also owns a fitness company where she provides training programs and also sell sports products through her company website. Anikeeva was passionate about fitness and modelling when she was very young like she was in her school days. She started caring about her fitness and skin from school days and she was clear about her career in fitness and modelling. 

Full Name Anikeeva Aliya
Nickname Aliya
ProfessionModelling, social media content creator
Birthplace Russia
Birthdate 18 January 2003
Age 20

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Physical Measurement of Anikeeva Aliya

Anikeeva Aliya is good looking model with natural beauty. She has a good body shape including her attractive figure, muscular legs and other body parts.

Anikeeva Aliya’s height is 5 Feet 5 inches and weighs around 51kg. 

Height of Anikeeva Aliya5 Feet 5 inches
Weight of Anikeeva Aliya51kg

Social Media Popularity of Anikeeva Aliya

Anikeeva Aliya is regularly active on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. She creates content about modelling, she uploads reels and posts in unique pose and in trending clothes. Anikeeva has 480k followers on her Instagram account and 4 million followers on her TikTok account. 

Instagram username @enikeeva_aliya
Instagram followers480k
TikTok followers 4 million

Boyfriend of Anikeeva Aliya

Anikeeva Aliya is in relationship with a guy who is also a fashion model, his name is Emilen Imanov. His Instagram username is @emilen.imanov. They both are dating from very long time, they both travel all over the world. 

Net Worth of Anikeeva Aliya

Anikeeva Aliya is earning money through her social media accounts by promoting beauty brands and some sports brands. She also earn money through her fitness company, through the official website of her company she provides training programs to her clients and to other people. 

Workout and Diet Plan of Anikeeva Aliya

Anikeeva Aliya workouts sometimes in week, she never does workouts daily. She mainly focus on doing stretching, body weight exercises and cardio to maintain her fitness to a good level. If we talk about Anikeeva’s diet plan she only eats healthy and clean food items which contains good amount of protein, fat, carbs and vitamins in them. She eats eggs, fruits, vegetables and dry-fruits in her diet to fulfill her body requirements and she also consumes some of supplements to nourish her skin and to take her beauty to next level. 


Who is Anikeeva Aliya?

Anikeeva Aliya is a professional model and social media content creator. 

What is the age of Anikeeva Aliya?

Anikeeva Aliya’s age is 20 years. 

What is the height and weight of Anikeeva Aliya?

The height of Anikeeva Aliya is 5 Feet  5 inches and weight is around 51kg. 

How much is the net worth of Anikeeva Aliya?

Anikeeva Aliya’s net worth is around 1.2 million US Dollars.

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