Sarah Villegas Age Biography (iamsarahfit)

Hello guys, today’s article is going to tell you about a famous female bodybuilder and fitness coach who is famous for being a times Miss Olympia gold medalist all over the world. She has just won her third gold title in the Miss Olympia championship. We will discuss a lot of information about her including her height, weight, biography, net worth, life partner, workout plan etc. 

Biography of Sarah Villegas

Sarah Villegas is a professional bodybuilder and gym trainer or coach who is famous in the fitness industry for winning three times gold in the World Championship of Miss Olympia. Sarah was born on 5 October 1987 in Florida United States of America. She has also citizenship in America and is currently living in America only.

Sarah Villegas was passionate about fitness and being a professional bodybuilder from a young age she had already decided to be a bodybuilder when she started her college degree. Now she has been in the profession of bodybuilding for many years.

Full Name Sarah Villegas
Nick Name Sarah
ProfessionBodybuilder and fitness coach
Birthdate 5 October 1987
Birthplace Florida, USA
Nationality American
Age 36

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Social Media Accounts of Sarah Villegas

Sarah Villegas uploads about her bodybuilding lifestyle, workout and achievements on her Instagram account. She also uploads a couple of workout videos travelling posts and reels on her Instagram account. Sarah Villegas joined Instagram in 2018. She also provides fitness training plans on her professional website which is www. You can find many workout motivational videos and achievements videos of Sarah Villegas on YouTube.

Instagram username “@iamsarahfit
Instagram followers110k

Height and Weight of Sarah Villegas

Sarah villas has the perfect body structure of a bodybuilder, she has a muscular and ripped body which is why she has been three times champion in Olympia. Sarah Villegas’s height is 5 Feet 5 inches and her weight is around 63kg.

Height of Sarah Villegas5 Feet 5 inches
Weight of Sarah Villegas63kg

Net Worth And Income Source of Sarah Villegas

Sarah Villegas’s sources of income her bodybuilding, promoting supplements and health brands and providing online fitness training programs. The estimated net worth of Sarah Villegas is around 900k US Dollars. 

Partner or Boyfriend of Sarah Villegas

Sarah Villegas is cleared about her relationship with a guy Ali Taktak who is also a bodybuilder and one time Mr. Texas champion. Sarah uploads workout and couple posts and shorts with him on her social media accounts including Instagram and YouTube. 

Workout Plan of Sarah Villegas

Sarah Villegas follows her workout plan with great discipline and dedication towards being a champion. It takes lots of hard-work and dedication being 3 times world champion and a gold medalist. Sarah normally does 6 times of workout in a week and when it comes the time of competitions she workouts and being focused about her workout for all days of week. Sarah lifts lots of heavy weights and use about every machine in gym to train her each body part. 

Diet Plan of Sarah Villegas

Sarah Villegas eats a very high protein rich diet to maintain a muscular and ripped body, she counts every calory in each of her meal. Sarah eats lots of eggs, chicken, beef, vegetables, fruits etc in her diet. And to enhance her performance in gym and stage Sarah also consumes health supplements including protein powder, creatine, BCAA, amino acids and multivitamins her diet. She has also gone from a steroids cycle. 


Who is Sarah Villegas?

Sarah Villegas is a professional bodybuilder and fitness coach. 

What is Sarah Villegas’s date of birth?

The date of birth of Sarah Villegas is 5 October 1987. 

How much is the height and weight of Sarah Villegas?

Sarah Villegas’s height is 5 Feet 5 inches and weighs around 63kg. 

What is the net worth of Sarah Villegas?

The net worth of Sarah Villegas is around 900k US Dollars. 

What is the nationality of Sarah Villegas?

Sarah Villegas has American citizenship.

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