Sabrina Tavares Barbosa Age Biography (binabuk)

Hello everyone, right now in this article we are going to talk about a female fitness influencer who is getting famous on social media and gaining fame due to her inspiring content and motivation towards fitness. This female content creator or model has lots of tattoos on her body and she uploads knowledgeable content on her social media accounts. We will tell a lot about her in the upcoming lines of this article, so read it till the end, you will enjoy reading about her.

Biography of Sabrina Tavares Barbosa (Bina)

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa (Bina) is a Brazilian fitness model, digital content creator, influencer and brand ambassador of fitness brands. She is known for her fit body and entertaining and knowledgeable content. Bina is her nickname and Sabrina Tavares Barbosa is her real name

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa was not that much passionate about fitness in her school days, she was skinny during her school days and used to participate in a few school sports games. But when she was in the final years of her college studies she realized she needed to focus on her fitness. She started hitting on a gym and preparing her own healthy diet, then after a few months of hitting the gym she found herself muscular and attractive,

Then after all these Sabrina Tavares Barbosa decided to train herself as a professional and she hired her own professional nutritionist and started preparing her body as a professional. And then Sabrina Tavares Barbosa worked hard on her body and after a few years she chose to participate in bodybuilding competitions. Sabrina Tavares Barbosa competed in bodybuilding competitions for a few years and she also won trophies in a few bodybuilding competitions in Brazil.

After winning in bodybuilding competitions, she started gaining fame on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Then Sabrina Tavares Barbosa started influencing people about fitness on these social media platforms.

Full NameSabrina Tavares Barbosa  
Professionbodybuilder, model, content creator  
Date of birth27 November  
Year of birth1989  

Red – Lucia Mikusova

Social Media and Fame of Sabrina Tavares Barbosa

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa is a regular content creator of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. She creator about four to five categories of content on her social media accounts including knowledgeable podcasts, cooking, entertainment and bodybuilding. Sabrina Tavares Barbosa creates and uploads podcasts on her YouTube channel with famous bodybuilders and models including all males and females. Sabrina Tavares Barbosa also uploads bikini posts and a few parts of her podcasts in her Instagram reels.

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa’s Instagram usernamebinabuk  
Bina’s Instagram followers230k  
Instagram JoinedJune 2013  
Facebook UsernameBina Buck  
Facebook followers14k  
YouTube channelBina Buck  
YouTube subscribers253k  

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa (Bina) (@binabuk) • Instagram photos and videos

Net-worth of Sabrina Tavares Barbosa

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa’s primary source of earnings is being the brand ambassador of fitness and beauty brands. And some other source of income is her sponsors on social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. YouTube AdSense is also a part of her earnings. Sabrina Tavares Barbosa’s net worth is estimated at about 700k US Dollars.

Boyfriend of Sabrina Tavares Barbosa

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa is a very active, fit and attractive model and content creator but she is still very private about her personal information including her relationship status and about her family, but she is very open about her friends she also has friends which are in touch with her more than 30 years. If we talk about her male best friend his name is Manuel Vaz. He is also a digital content creator and brand ambassador of the “Growth Supplements” brand in collab with Sabrina Tavares Barbosa.

Workout Plan of Sabrina Tavares Barbosa

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa follows a workout plan of 6 days a week and she loves doing high-intensity workouts including cardio in each of her sessions. She loves training her glutes, legs and chest. Sabrina Tavares Barbosa has also uploaded her skinny to muscular transformation posts on her Instagram account and Facebook. You can see all of her posts and reels that will make you energized and motivated.

Diet Plan of Sabrina Tavares Barbosa

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa follows a healthy diet plan to stay fit and healthy but she enjoys each of her meals and cooks them in her own kitchen. She loves cooking her own food, you can watch in her Instagram reels that she uploaded her cake baking, omelette and many more cooking reels

In spite of these Sabrina Tavares Barbosa also loves eating wafers, chocolates, candies, pizza and chicken in her diet. But she eats these food items including some protein diet with them Sabrina Tavares Barbosa also includes a few body growth supplements like creatine, whey protein, BCAA and multivitamins in her diet.


Who is Sabrina Tavares Barbosa?

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa is a bodybuilder, model and content creator.

Nationality of Sabrina Tavares Barbosa?

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa is from Brazil.

What is the age of Sabrina Tavares Barbosa?

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa is about 34 years according to the internet.

What is the net worth of Sabrina Tavares Barbosa?

Sabrina Tavares Barbosa’s estimated net worth is about 700k US Dollars

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