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Hello, Welcome to this page. This website is all about female bodybuilding, female athletes, female fitness models. Today in this article you will read about one of the popular IFBB pro female athlete. She has a muscular, fit and well shaped body. Or we can say she has a good, attractive body. She is not only a professional athlete, she is also an online coach and trainer. She is influencing so many youths with her good-looking body. Likewise, she is also active on her social media accounts.

These days it is going popular to become a female fitness model, female bodybuilder or female athlete. Although, people do not accept quickly a woman with muscular body. But it is important for a woman to become fit and healthy.


Rahel Cucchia is a professional IFBB athlete. She chose to become a professional female bodybuilder after joining gym, and she joined gym to make her physique look good when she was enjoying her dancing journey.

She had a team for performing dance performances. Then to improve her physique so that she can improve her dancing she joined gym, after that she decided to become a professional bodybuilding. She started her career as a professional female bodybuilder just before a few years of about five years, by participating in her first bodybuilding competition in her 2018. Before participating in her first bodybuilding competition, she trained herself for one year. And found herself muscular and with a good physique to compete in professional female bodybuilding.

She used to train herself in gym for two times a day, and also she follows a very strict diet plan, and also she went through a supplement cycle so that she can compete best of herself on stage.

RAHEL CUCCHIA’s love with her gym

RAHEL CUCCHIA is very hardworking in gym with her trainer. She is training as a bodybuilder from five years till now. She used to follow a very strict and enjoying workout routine. Likewise, she uses giant sets with her body parts like back and legs. And she also trains her other body parts accordingly. As we told you that Rahel joined gym to improve her physique when she was enjoying her dancing crew then she realized herself not satisfied with her belly-fat, then to reduce her belly-fat she joined gym.

Then after joining gym, RAHEL CUCCHIA fell in love with lifting weights in gym, and she is also enjoying her stronger body than before. Although that was not easy for Rahel to switch her career from dancing to a professional bodybuilder.

As she started her career from Switzerland, one of the fact about Switzerland is that most of the people of this country are in ports but not in bodybuilding specially in females, so because of that it was a unique prospective for Rahel, or we can say Rahel find it a unique opportunity for herself as a career. It was also difficult for Rahel to become a full time bodybuilder. But Rahel finds it loving when people appreciate her hard work. Now also, she became passionate about training herself.


RAHEL CUCCHIA walks up early at 4’o clock in the morning, and she does her cardio and stretching regularly. Then at 7am, she goes to the gym to follow her daily workout routine. Then after spending her time in gym Rahel goes back to her home to prepare meal or breakfast by herself. She does not have much time to spend it with her friends or family. Rahel sleeps 8 to 9 hours a day, sometimes 3 to 4 hours in the night.

DIET OF Rahel Cucchia

Rahel is very conscious about her diet plan. She follows a strict diet plan, RAHEL CUCCHIA never cheats in her meals even a single time during her days of preparations. She also takes supplements to improve her performance in gym and also on stage. Rahel prepares her meals by herself, sometimes she posts pics of her meals that look delicious.


Rahel started her career in bodybuilding in the year 2018, and she participated in international bodybuilding competition in 2019. In 2019 in her second competition RAHEL CUCCHIA got her IFBB pro league card in Romanian Muscle Fest then after her professional journey started she also competed in other IFBB bodybuilding competition in 2020 in Spain.

Rahel is still living a healthy and fit lifestyle, she is influencing many young people through her lifestyle. She has more than 1.2 lakh followers on her Instagram. She motivates not only females with her posts, she is also motivating men with her muscular and good body. Likewise, she also provides online coaching and training to her followers. She gives the best workout routine and best diet plan with her experience of 5 year and her passion.

Rahel says that during her journey of five years in bodybuilding her biggest enemy was her mind, she always needs to defeat it to follow a strict workout and diet plan, so that she can be successful in her goals. She also competed in front of those women who have more experience in bodybuilding, but her hard-work and efforts gave her confidence to stand on stage and become a professional. She had a winning attitude from her child.

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