Novia Wijayanti Age Biography (noviawijayantiii)

Hello Everyone! Today In this Article we’re going to cover the details of those amazing bodybuilders who belong to the Fitness Industry & achieved colossal popularity worldwide. Novia Wijayanti is the topmost bodybuilder from Indonesia. She’s been in the fitness industry past 3+ years. Here we share her life journey & Lifestyle including Novia Wijayanti’s age, height, weight, Boyfriend, etc.

Novia Wijayanti Biography

Novia Wijayanti is one of the top known bodybuilders who has suffered hard times and grown up in fitness industry. She belongs to Indonesia. Professionally, She is a bodybuilder and Nutrition Student. Her Mother’s name is Sunda and her father’s name is Betawi. She has 4 siblings. Novia is a single parent and blessed with 2 boy children. To know her life story, Keep scrolling.

Novia Wijayanti Fitness Journey

After Graduating in 2011, She got married to Depok at a very young age. Novia’s spent a year after marriage happily. But later on, She saw her husband’s true color. their relationship becomes more terrible day by day. She divorced her husband when she was about 6 months pregnant and with a 3-4-year-old son named Kenzie Kaesong Wijayalistyo.

Real nameNovia Wijayanti
Novia Wijayanti Instagramnoviawijayantiii
Age as of 202428
Height WeightHeight 5.2 Weight 59kg
Date Of Birth06, December 1996
The profession isModel

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She had faced many hurdles due to having responsibilities of 2 child and their studies. But, She never gives up. Novia started training herself in her bodybuilding career to prove to his ex-husband that she can achieve a strong personality. She started competing in the competitions as well. In 2019, She has won the International Body Contest Championship in Incheon, South Korea. Apart, She even has opened a salon in East Jakarta.

Novia Wijayanti’s Physical Appearance

Novia’s height is 5’2″ & Weight= 59kg. The color of Novie’s Eyes is Brown and his Hair color is Black. She has a muscular-fit body and a perfect beautiful physique. Her fans love to watch her content on social media.

Novia’s Social Media

Novia Wijayanti is a famous fitness bodybuilder from Indonesia who has got huge popularity on social media thanks to her amazing performance and Physquie. Further, She has promoted different brands. Her hard work helped her to grow and attain huge popularity on Social Media. Therefore, She share tips and advice to her fans to get in shape. He has 155k followers on Instagram.

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