Kassandra Gillis Age Biography Female Bodybuilder

Hey, you will read about Kassandra Gillis who is a professional bodybuilder and famous model on social media platforms like on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. You will read about her biography, height, weight, net worth, boyfriend, workout and diet plan. 

Kassandra Gillis Biography

Kassandra Gillis is a professional bodybuilder and social media model known for her muscular body and achievements on social media platforms and in bodybuilding industry. 

Kassandra Gillis was born in 2 April 1985 in United States of America. She is currently living in Canada and focusing on her bodybuilding career to take it on next level. She is also helping people to achieve their fitness goals by providing them workout and diet plans online.
Kassandra Gillis also motivates her fans about fitness through her Instagram and YouTube. 

Full Name Kassandra Gillis
Nick Name Kassa Gillis
ProfessionBodybuilder, model and trainer
Birthday2 April 1985
Birthplace USA

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Social Media of Kassandra Gillis

Kassandra Gillis is an active user of social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. She creates fitness lifestyle and modelling content for her fans to motivate them about fitness, health and power of social media.

Kassandra Gillis has 245k followers on her Instagram with “@kassgfit” username. She uploads workout, travelling and motivational videos on Dragon Pharma YouTube channel. 

Instagram username “@kassgfit
Instagram followers 245k
YouTube channelDragon Pharma
YouTube subscribers375k

Kassandra Gillis Physical Measurements, height, weight

Kassandra Gillis has perfect shape of her body right now with her years of hard work in gym and kitchen. She has huge and ripped muscles on her body. Kassandra Gillis’s height is 5 Feet 6 inches and weight is around 72kg. 

Height of Kassandra Gillis5 Feet 6 inches
Weight of Kassandra Gillis72kg

Net Worth of Kassandra Gillis

Kassandra Gillis is earning money from bodybuilding, supplements brand promotions and by providing online training programs to her clients. The net worth of Kassandra Gillis is around 1.5 million US Dollars. 

Boyfriend of Kassandra Gillis

Kassandra Gillis is open about her relationship she is open to be in a relationship with a guy who is a fitness freak or who loves fitness and health. But currently, Kassandra Gillis’s boyfriend’s details are not available on the internet and not even on her social media accounts. 

Workout Plans of Kassandra Gillis

Kassandra Gillis trains her body like a beast, she lifts heavy weights like a machine. She loves training her booty and legs the most. Kassandra workouts for all days in week while training for competitions and she trains for 6 days in week on off seasons. 

Kassandra Gillis Diet Plan

Kassandra Gillis follows strict diet plan to maintain her fitness, health and muscles. She eats balanced amount of diet including vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and supplements in it. 


Who is Kassandra Gillis?

Kassandra Gillis is a professional bodybuilder, model and fitness trainer. 

What is the nationality of Kassandra Gillis?

Kassandra Gillis has American nationality. 

How much is the age of Kassandra Gillis?

Kassandra Gillis is 38 years old. 

How much is the net worth of Kassandra Gillis?

Kassandra Gillis’s net worth is around 1.5 million US Dollars. 

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