Gia Marie Macool Biography

Hi, welcome to this page. Hope all are doing well. Today you are going to read about a beautiful female fitness model who is well-grown on social media. She is known for her attractive body appearance. She also looks like a film star, and she is followed by millions of people on Instagram, Youtube etc. So let us start firstly reading about her Biography and much more information.

Gia Marie Macool


Gia Marie Macool is a professional fitness model who is famous on various social media platforms. She was born on the 31st of August 1986. She was born in Florida in the United States Of America. Gia Marie is also known by her nickname Gia. Gia was inspired by some other female fitness models to become fit and healthy. She was indulged in fitness from her school days, she used to participate in school games and play lots of outdoor games. She has strong roots in fitness from her school days.

Now, Gia is famous on social media for sharing her beautiful pictures and videos. She is also supported by her family to continue in the fitness industry as a model. She is a graduate of the University of Florida. She joined the world of fitness in the first year of her graduate degree. Gia said in her Instagram story that she has done personal branding now.

Gia has 20+ years of experience in CPT and sports science and nutrition. Gia is also in collaboration with Vogue Brand.

Gia Marie Macool


Gia Marie is one of the famous celebrities on social media, she has around 2.5 million followers on her Instagram account. Her account is continuously growing because of her attractive looks and good body shape. She also helps her fans to achieve fitness goals through her social media accounts. She uploads workout, outfit and cooking-related content on both Youtube and Instagram. If we talk about Gia’s Youtube channel she uploads the same content as she uploads on her Instagram, she has around 11.8k subscribers on her Youtube channel with the name ‘Gia Maccol’. Not only on this channel you can find more content about her on other fitness-related Youtube channels.

She also teaches how to be famous on social media by collaborating with some digital marketing companies, especially she teaches about instgram fame. She also does some podcasts with other fitness models to influence her fans. She is exposing the media by doing these podcasts with other famous fitness freaks.

Once Gia 2021 tweeted on her Twitter account that ” No matter how rich, educated or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is Everything!” that shows that she is attached to her words and mind, which can motivate her audience.

Gia Marie Macool


Gia Marie has many sources of earning money like she earns through her social media accounts by sponsoring some of the fitness and beauty brands. She earns through Google Adsense by uploading content about her lifestyle on youtube and Blogs. Gia also earns by providing her secret training plans and diet plans so that people can achieve their fitness goals with her help. At last including all these things Gia is living a very luxurious life with a net worth of around 2 million US Dollars.

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Gia Marie has a very attractive body appearance. She works hard to maintain her body shape including her figure and her all body parts. She trains very hard with her legs, abs and hips, not only the workout routine she also works hard on her diet plan.
Height of Gia Marie:- 5 Feet 11 inches
Weight of Gia Marie:- Gia’s weight remains around 63kg


Gia Marie follows a hard and strict workout routine that’s why she has an attractive appearance. She works out around six days a week. She
lifts lots of weight in the gym and also focuses on intense workouts so that she can maintain her physical appearance and endurance. She mostly does fat-loss workouts and also teaches her fans how they can lose fat fast by enjoying their fitness journey.


Gia Marie follows a very strict diet plan to maintain her strength and fitness. She consumes a balanced amount of protein, carbs and fats. Gia eats clean and healthy food. She inspires her fans with a diet plan, she teaches her fans that they should follow a healthy diet so that they can live a fit, healthy life. She enjoys eating chicken, oats and berries etc in her diet.

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