Bianca Vitoria de Freitas

Bianca Vitoria de Freitas

Bianca Vitoria is one of those fitness models that belong to Brazil. In this article, we will provide Bianca Vitoria’s life details such as Fitness Journey, Height, Weight, Instagram, Biography, etc.

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Bianca Vitoria Biography

Bianca Vitoria is a slim curvy figure fitness diva who belongs to Brazil. Her birthdate is yet a secret. Professionally, She is a Fitness Model, Professional ballerina, Choreographer, and Pose teacher. To grab more information about her, Read the full article.

Bianca Vitoria Physical Appearance such as Height, Weight, Measurements

Bianca’s hard work helped her to build a sizzling figure and beauty. She has an amazing personality. Many of her fans show interest in becoming as beautiful as her.

  • Height= 5 ft 7 inches
  • Weight= 59kg
  • Eye color= Light brown
  • Hair color= Dark Brown
  • Measurements= N/A

Bianca Vitoria’s Family Background

Bianca belongs to brazil and completed her studies there. However, She hasn’t shared any information about her family. Apart, If we talk about her love life, She’s in loving relationship with Julio Balestrin. Julio is a famous bodybuilder and Youtuber. If she reveals in future, we’ll make sure to Update.

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Bianca Vitoria Education Background

Bianca has completed her studies in Brazil. After that, she enrolled for a Biomedical degree. Currently, she is pursuing this degree and we can say that she is a biomedical student.

Bianca Vitoria Social Media Popularity

As a fitness Model she has got widely popular on social media. She also have another ways of income sources. Since she started working as a fitness model she has collaborated with numerous brands. She is a popular Fitness Model from @la_favoritha. Also, she promotes  @uscsoficial. She has attained more than 967k followers on Instagram and 11k on Facebook.

Bianca Vitoria Fitness Journey

When Bianca started her journey in fitness industry she was too young. In 2014, She was focusing on building a tonned figure and end up falling in love with fitness. She has tried different kind of fitness sessions and workouts to get results. Her dedication and consistency helped her to grow in this industry. In the beginning it wasn’t that easy. Somehow she learnt different ways to get results.

Her fitness got improved day-by-day. Bianca’s fitness routine includes different exercises such as cardio, HIIT workouts, Kettlebell swings etc. Her fitness routines includes Barbell sumo sqarts as well as leg press, leg en=xtensions with dumbell raises. She trains her body 5 days weekly. She focuses on Legs, Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Back. She daily focus on Cardio workouts. Apart, When it comes to nutrition, She intakes supplements like BCAAs, Glutamines, Vitamins as week as Fish Oils. In Diet she intakes following food items:

  • Green Vegetables
  • Fresh Beans
  • Fruits
  • Salmon
  • Poultry Meat
  • Rye Bread and whole eggs with nuts

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