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Hi, Welcome! hope you all doing well. Today we will read about one of the most famous female bodybuilders she is known for her hot and attractive looks on social media and also on stage while competing with other female bodybuilders. She always uploads her hot pictures on her social media accounts. So let’s start firstly reading about her early life and we will also read about her fitness journey and many more things including her workout and diet plans etc.

Everything In Biography Of Asha Coulthard

Asha Coulthard is an professional female bodybuilder, Bikini model and WBFF figure model. she is known in all over fitness industry and on social media for her attractive appearance of her body. She is an Australian lady she was born on 2nd of October in 1989. She is very passionate about being fit and healthy from a young age, like she started training her body when she was just 16 years old. She used to do some home workouts when she was a her young age. Asha was not that much in playing sports games but she just used to do some home workouts when she was in her schooling days.

Doing workouts and eating healthy made her look attractive and more stronger. All these things motivated her to become more professional in fitness. She is not just an professional female bodybuilder she is also in modeling industry she participates in modeling competitions. Asha isan professional WBFF model, as Asha is three times WBFF Figure champion. She also got family support to becomea professional fitness model and bodybuilder.

Net-Worth Of Asha Coulthard

As Asha Coulthard is an professional bodybuilder And also an professional model, her main source of earning is from her bodybuilding career and also from modeling. She also earns money by sponsoring some beauty and fitness products brands. She also generates some fitness and beauty workshops for young people to inspire them to live healthy life. She earns from these workshops. If we tell you about her estimated net worth which is about 5 million US Dollars. She comes in the category of the top richest female bodybuilders. She earns some of her other business like by providing fitness masterclasses where she shares her professional bodybuilding and modeling experience.

social Media Accounts Of Asha Coulthard

Asha coulthard is followed by lakhs of people because of her attractive looks. She always uploads her hot and sexy pictures on some of social media platforms like Instagram and some of other platforms like You-tube and Tik-tok. She have around 126k followers on her Instagram account. There on Instagram she uploads her pictures and also some motivational videos of her workouts. She also have an You-tube channel there she have about 1.63k subscribers there she uploads knowledgeable videos about fitness, workouts and diet plans.

Workout And Diet Plans of Asha Coulthard

Asha Coulthard has crossed her 30s she is now bulking these days. But she feels like she needs to look ripened she starts following a strict workout plan and she follows it with great discipline. She workouts for 6 days a week and takes one day in the week for her rest, she mostly rests on Sundays. She trains for about 2 to 3 hours a day in the gym. She loves training her hips and legs the most. Even she has nice looks on her lower body. She loves heavy weights on her legs and she also lifts heavy while doing deadlifts and other leg workouts. She also trains her upper body according to her routine by doing lots of chin-ups and also other workouts.
Talking about her diet plan she always loves the eating part she loves eating mostly times healthy foods as a model and professional bodybuilder. She follows a personalized diet plan she prepares most of her meals on her own. She loves clean meals. She likes eating protein pancakes with some berries inside them, Bagels, mushrooms and beef. She also focuses on her sleeping and nutrition part like she eats a balanced amount of protein, fats, and carbs in her diet plan. She says in some of her interviews that she also takes some supplements to enhance her performance and balance her body requirements. She takes whey protein, multivitamins, probiotics, and fat metabolizers. She also consumes a few supplements to balance her estrogen level.

Asha Coulthard
Asha Coulthard

Asha Coulthard’s Body Appearance

These days Asha in on bulking she is gaining some weight and muscles. But still, she have a curvy body structure that looks very attractive. She has an perfect upper body with good looking legs and hips. You can watch her pictures on her social media accounts.

Asha Coulthard’s Height :- 5 feet 3 inches
Asha Coulthard’s Weight:- Her weight remains around 60kg in off season and it becomes around 56kg during her competition periods.

To stay fit and healthy always read about this kind of female fitness models and female bodybuilders. Reading about this kind of females can teach you many things about life like how much hard working are these rich female models and how still they are doing hard-word and gaining fame and also earning money. Also help us tell about which female fitness model, female cross-fit athlete, bikini model, and female bodybuilder you want to read about

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