Anastasia Korableva Age Biography

Hello everyone, this article is going to tell you about a famous female bodybuilder who is famous for her heavy muscular body. Some people also consider as a hulk female bodybuilder. We will discuss lot of information about her including her biography, workout, diet and all fitness journey. 

Biography of Anastasia Korableva

Anastasia Korableva is professional bodybuilder and fitness trainer. She owns a fitness company where she provides fitness trainings tutorials. was born on 1 January 1997. She was born in Russia. Anastasia remains in news because some people thought her a tomboy which is not true. She has already declared everything about her gender in the captions of some of videos. She has not changed any gender she is a female and a professional bodybuilder and trainer.

Anastasia was not that much passionate about fitness in her young age, she got awareness about fitness when she was in college and started hitting the gym, in the few starting years of working about in gym she didn’t get more changes in her body. After hitting the gym for about 3-4 years Anastasia decided to become a powerlifter and she changed her nutrition and workout plans to prepare herself at professional level. Again, after few years Anastasia decided to become a bodybuilder and she competed in many professional bodybuilding competitions, she got her pro card in 2019, currently in 2023 it has been 10 years of Anastasia’s bodybuilding journey. 

Full Name Anastasia Korableva
Nickname Anastasia
Age 26
ProfessionBodybuilder, gym coach

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Social Media activities of Anastasia Korableva

Anastasia Korableva is active on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. She uploads content about female fitness, training tutorials and professional bodybuilding. Anastasia Korableva has 40k followers on her Instagram account with username “korableva.10_ifbb_pro”. 

Physical Measurements of Anastasia Korableva

Anastasia Korableva has a great muscular body structure she looks like a male bodybuilder. She has already defeated in bodybuilding with her hard work. Anastasia’s height is 5 Feet 3 inches and weighs around 95kg as of now. But when she joined gym for the first time she was 60kg and it turned to 53kg after few months of gym joining, but when she started her bodybuilding career she tuned 53kg to 95 in few years of her hard work. 

Height of Anastasia Korableva5 Feet 3 inches
Weight of Anastasia Korableva95kg

Net Worth of Anastasia Korableva

Anastasia Korableva owns a fitness company and has a professional website where she provides fitness training programs. She also promotes some health and supplements brands on her social media accounts. The net worth of Anastasia Korableva is around 1.5 million US Dollars. 

Workout Plan of Anastasia Korableva

Anastasia Korableva workouts for all days of week during the preparation of her competitions, but during off season she includes 1 day as rest. She trains herself as a pro bodybuilder. Anastasia trains each and every part of her body and lifts lots of heavy weight. And for more accurate workout plan of Anastasia you can comment us, we will provide you that also.

Diet Plan of Anastasia Korableva

Anastasia Korabelva tells in some of her posts that dieting is the most important part of fitness, because in some of her post she mentioned that she eats only egg whites and cucumber regularly for few days while preparing for competitions. In spite of these Anastasia also consumes steroids and some other bodybuilding supplements to enhance her performance. 


Who is Anastasia Korableva?

Anastasia Korableva is professional IFBB pro bodybuilder and fitness coach. 

What is nationality of Anastasia Korableva?

Anastasia Korableva has Russian nationality.

How much is the age of Anastasia Korableva?

Anastasia’s age is 26 years. 

How much is the height and weight of Anastasia Korableva?

Anastasia’s height is 5 Feet 3 inches and weighs around 95kg. 

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