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Hello everyone, welcome to this article which is going to tell you about a growing and famous fitness model who is getting growing very fast on social media. You will read about her biography, birthday, age, birthplace, nationality, social media and lots of information in this article

Biography of Abbie Dennison

Abbie Dennison is a professional fitness model, trainer, and social media influencer. Abbie was born on 22 January 2001 in the United Kingdom. She is famous for her motivational and knowledgeable workout videos and shorts on social media. 

Abbie Dennison is a hardworking English girl who is seeking to build her career in fitness and social media. She regularly motivates and uploads content for her social media followers.  Abbie is a self-dependent girl who works daily in the gym, uploads regular content on her social media accounts as well as she prepares her meals by herself. 

Full Name Abbie Dennison
Nick Name Abbie
ProfessionFitness model, Social media influencer, fitness trainer
Birthdate 22 January 2001
Birthplace Hampshire, UK
Nationality British
Age 23

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Instagram and Other Social Media of Abbie Dennison 

Abbie Dennison is a professional social media user where she upload content about fitness including her diet, workout and travelling also. She is continuously growing with lakhs of followers on her social media accounts.

Abbie Dennison has 415k followers on her Instagram account  and 530k followers on TikTok account

Instagram username @abbiedennisonfit
Instagram followers 415k
TikTok username@abbiedennisonfit
TikTok followers530k

Height and Weight of Abbie Dennison 

Abbie Dennison has maintained her body shape including her weight and height. She has good ripped muscular body structure with height of 5 Feet 4 inches and weighs around 60kg

Height of Abbie Dennison 5 Feet 4 inches 
Weight of Abbie Dennison 60kg

Annual Earning and Sources of Abbie Dennison

Abbie Dennison is a professional fitness trainer she provides paid workout and meal plans to her clients and social media fans. In spite of these she is also owner of some clothing brands which she has mentioned in her Instagram bio. The estimated net worth of Abbie Dennison is around 800k US Dollars. 

Boyfriend of Abbie Dennison 

Abbie Dennison is dating a guy for whom she has never provided lots of information but you can find pictures of Abbie with him like in the post of 18 December 2023. 

Workout Plan of Abbie Dennison

Abbie Dennison is a strict follower of her workout plan she workouts for around 6 days in a week. She includes cardio, weight training and some intense workout in her workout plan. 

The most favourite part of Abbie’s training is her legs and glutes, she loves lifting heavy weights in squats and dead lifts. 

Diet Plan of Abbie Dennison 

The good thing about Abbie Dennison is that she is big fan of health and fitness that’s why she workouts and prepares her all meals by herself only. 

Abbie loves eating eggs, salads, protein shakes, peanut butter, fish and chicken etc in her diet. In spite of these she also includes dry fruits, fresh juice, soups etc in her diet. 

Abbie also consumes some of health supplements like whey protein, pre workouts and multivitamins as her performance boosters and recovery supplements. 


Who is Abbie Dennison?

Abbie Dennison is a professional fitness model, fitness trainer and social media influencer. 

How much is the height and weight of Abbie Dennison?

Abbie Dennison’s height is 5 Feet 4 inches and weight is around 60kg. 

What is the date of birth of Abbie Dennison and her age. 

Abbie Dennison’s age is 23 years as she was born on 22 January 2001. 

How much is the net worth of Abbie Dennison?

The net worth of Abbie Dennison is around 800k US Dollars. 

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