Abbie Dennison Age Biography (abbiedennisonfit)

Hi guys, this article is also going to tell you about a female fitness model “Abbie Dennison”. This female fitness model is famous for her fitness content with a great natural beauty. She has a great ripped and muscular body. Let’s start firstly with her biography.

Biography of Abbie Dennison

Abbie Dennison is a fitness model who is famous mainly for her social media popularity like on Instagram. She is also famous for creating few of popular clothing brands and fitness application. She is a professional fitness trainer and also do modelling on her free time on her Instagram account.

Abbie Dennison was born in 22 January 2001.  She was born in Hampshire, UK. Abbie’s date of birth shows that she is very young, because she is just 22 years but she is gaining fame very fast and getting popular in fitness industry because of her hard-work. Talking about her early life which is not that much behind, she is still young. Abbie Dennison was passionate about fitness from her school days. She was passionate about learning about workout and nutrition to make herself fit and active. Now with her hard-work and dedication she herself become a fitness instructor and model.

Full NameAbbie Dennison  
ProfessionFitness instructor, fitness model
Date of Birth22 January 2001  

Physical Measurements of Abbie Dennison

Abbie Dennison has a fit, ripped and muscular body with a perfection in her body-shape. She looks attractive in every outfit she wears. uploads modelling content in trending outfits, she looks beautiful and gets lakhs of likes on her posts. She has a curvy body shape with ripped abs and muscular legs. Abbie Dennison’s height is 5 Feet 4 inches and weighs around 60kg.

Height of5 Feet 4 inches  
Weight of60kg  

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Social Media of Abbie Dennison

Abbie Dennison is like a celebrity on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. She uploads content about fitness and health on all of her social media accounts. teach her fans how can they stay fit and healthy by following a good and healthy lifestyle. Abbie Dennison has 320k followers on her Instagram account and she is active on other social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Instagram Username“abbiedennisonfit”  
Instagram followers320k  

Net Worth of Abbie Dennison

Abbie Dennison is owner of a clothing brand “DFYNE” and a fitness application “dfyne.official”. In spite of these she also promotes some supplements and health brands on her social media accounts. also provides online trainings to her fans. The estimated amount of Abbie Dennison’s net worth is more than 500k US Dollars.

Workout Plan of Abbie Dennison

 Abbie Dennison has a consistent workout plan which she has to follow with dedication. She works out for 4 hours in a day and 7 times in a week including her cardio vascular workouts in it. Abbie loves legs workout, she likes training her glutes, hips and calves the most then other body. No doubt she also trains her upper body, but most of her workout includes running, stretching, weight lifting on her legs.

Diet Plan of Abbie Dennison

Abbie Dennison eats neat and clean diet by counting each of her calories before having her meals. She eats to get a lean muscular body. Abbie Dennison consumes around 2500 calories, 100+ grams of fats, 120-180 grams of protein and 250 grams of carbs from her diet. Abbie Dennison loves eating fresh fruits, chicken, eggs and beef more than other food items.


Who is Abbie Dennison?

Abbie Dennison is a female fitness model and a educated fitness instructor.

What is nationality of Abbie Dennison?

Abbie Dennison is a British fitness model.

How much is net worth of Abbie Dennison?

Abbie Dennison has a estimated net worth of around 500k US Dollars.

What is height and weight of Abbie Dennison?

Abbie Dennison’s height is 5 Feet 4 inches and she weighs around 60kg.

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