Kristen Nun

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Biography of Kristen Nun

Kristen Nun is one the most famous female bodybuilders. She is known for her muscular body all over the world. Kristen Nun was born on 4th of May in 1985 in United States of America. She remain famous for posting her muscular and savage pictures on her social media account. You can see her pictures on her instagram or her youtube channel how muscular body she have.

Steroids of Kristen Nun

It is true that Kristen is taking some supplements to improve her performance in gym and also on stage. But she claims that she do not takes any steroids, she takes some supplements to help her to improve her body but these are not steroids.

She is also in collaboration with some fitness brands. One more fact about Kristen is that even after having a muscular body Kristen have her original voice, she do not have any change in her voice. Because after consuming steroids female bodybuilders have to suffer from a high pitch in their voice like men. But Kristen have her original female voice.

Workout and Diet Plan of Kristen Nun

Kristen Nun loves lifting heavy weights in gym, and as we told she is doing workout in gym since she was at 17 age. She is very hard-working when it comes to her workout and Diet. She strictly follows her all Workout and Diet plans regularly.

She workouts 6 times a week and one day for her rest. She loves working on her legs, biceps and shoulders the most. If we talk about kristen’s diet she always includes non-veg meals in her diet plans and she also loves vegetarian meals in her diet like she loves eating Broccoli and sweet potatoes the most.

Kristen Nun As A Trainer

Kristen is not only motivating people with her extreme workout videos she is also helping people with her training plans. She teach people with her training plans how they can achieve their fitness goals easily.

She also provides diet plans and also suggests best supplements to become healthy and stronger. She provides both offline and online workout training, but offline training is available only in her gym but online training can available to anyone through her social media accounts like Instagram.

Kristen Nun’s Physical Appearance

As you were told above that kristen’s body looks very muscular and strong, because she works really hard in gym and she follows her all workout and diet plans with a great discipline. ‘Kristen Nun gender’ that is also an question that some people asks because of her muscular appearance. Some also searches answer of questions like how kristen looks like before her steroids, but the fact is that she doesn’t have taken any steroids.

  • Kristen Nun Height:- 5 feet 2 inches
  • Kristen Nun weight :- Her weight remains between 57 kg to 62 kg (126 lb to 136 lbs)

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